Dr. Narendra Singh Kushwah

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Dr. Narendra Singh Kushwah


Dr. Kushwah is not only working as director but also one of the favorite lecturer among students. His core subject is law and management. He focuses on shared decision-making and teamwork, as well as on community building, also conveys this sense of leadership to students by providing opportunities for each of them through excellentleadership roles.

“It gives me great pride and satisfaction to write down about K.K.College Indore.We are passing through a tremendously changing process and our younger generation must be accordingly trained, so that, they will address these challenges effectively, timely and meaningfully.In the present national scenario, everywhere there’s problem of poverty, disorder in family, invasion on culture, mistrust, corruption, violence, terrorism etc. and no confidence and fear prevail among people. If there’s no peace among people of the state there can’t be any creativity, and it’ll cause lower productivity. To counter this case the sole option left with the state is education.

We, at K.K. College provide excellent infrastructure, competent faculty, lush green environment for learning and every one other facility required for contemporary education. The most aim of the K.K. College is to supply modern education that is rooted within Indian culture, in the field of commerce, science, computer and social work to the youth of Indore and its nearbyrural areas.”