Master of Social Work

    Social work is a professional discipline, where the teaching is informed by practice. MSW degree offers the student an understanding of problems in diverse social sectors, and equips him or her with the techniques to address them as well. The programme trains one to deliver social services professionally. This course uses concepts of modern management and social science to solve social problems.

Post MSW Course:-

  • Certificate in Therapeutic Skills for Helping Professionals (As a Counselor)
  • Certificate Course in Advanced Social Research Methodology
  • Certificate Course in Social Perspective in Disaster Management

Opportunities & Scope:

  • As a Counselor in Counseling Centers
  • Case Aide
  • Casework Supervisor
  • Caseworker
  • Child Welfare Caseworker.
  • Clinical Social Worker.
  • Community Organization Director.
  • Education Sector.
  • Correction Cells.
  • Clinics.
  • Health Industry.
  • Human Rights Agencies.
  • Mental Hospitals.
  • Disaster Management Department.
  • Hospitals.
  • Old Age Homes.
  • Natural Resources Management Companies.
  • Prisons.
  • Gender Issues Associations or Groups.
  • Healthcare.
  • Human rights agencies.
  • Education.
  • Rural progress.
  • Women and tribal welfare.
  • Assistant Director.
  • District Consultant.
  • Documentation and Communication Officer.
  • Humanitarian Values and PMER Officer.
  • Junior Research Fellow.
  • National Secretary Community Development Professor.
  • Program Coordinator.
  • Project Coordinator.
  • Senior Manager – Human Resource.
  • Sub Regional Training Coordinator.
  • Clinics.
  • Correction Cells.
  • Counseling Centers.
  • Disaster Management Department.
  • Education Sector.
  • Gender Issues Associations or Groups.
  • Health Industry.
  • Hospitals.
  • Human Rights Agencies.
  • Mental Hospitals.
  • Natural Resources Management Companies.
  • Old Age Homes.
  • Prisons.
  • Agency Director.
  • Aging/Gerontology Specialist.


  • CINI
  • CRY
  • Department of Rural Development
  • HelpAge India

Dr. Raja Singh Chouhan


Scope Of Social Work

The concern of social work’s is to help people who are in need so that they develop the capacity to deal with their problems by themselves. It is both science and an art. Social is work is science in the sense that the knowledge taken from different disciplines forms the body of knowledge for a social worker and sheke uses this theoretical base for helping people i.e., for practice. What theory postulates has to be put into practice. The required capacity to do it is known as skill. Hence, professional social work with selected knowledge and the set of social work values, has to be transformed into a professional service.

 A social worker has to establish a positive relationship with the clients. She should know how to interview and write reports. Sheke should be able to diagnose i.e., find out the cause for the problem and finally sheke should work out a treatment plan. An Assessment of the problem, planning for its solution, implementing the plan and evaluating the outcome are the four major steps involved in social work. Social worker’s keen interest in helping the client, alone will not solve the problem. She should know how to help hidher clients. The methods of social work will help hislher to understand ways of helping people.

 Social work methods are :

1) Social case work

 2) Social group work.

3) Community organisation.

4) Social work research.

 5) Social welfare administration.

 6) Social Action

The First three are known as direct helping methods and the last three are secondary methods or auxiliary methods. These six social work methods are systematic and planned ways of helping people.

Social case work deals with individual problems- individual in the total environment or as a part of it. An individual is involved in the problem as he is unable to deal with it on his own, because of reasons beyond his control. His anxiety sometimes temporarily makes him incapable of solving it. In any case, his social functioning is disturbed. The case worker gets information regarding the client’s total environment, finds out the causes, prepares a treatment plan and with professional relationship tries to bring about a change in the perception and attitudes of the client.

Social group work is a social work service in which a professionally qualified person helps individuals through group experience so as to help them move towards improved relationships and social functioning. In group work individuals are important and they are helped to improve their social relationships, with flexible programnles, giving importance to the personality development of the individual in group functioning and relationships. The group is the medium and through it and in it, individuals are helped to make necessary changes and adjustments.

 Community Organisation is another method of social work. Being made up of groups, a community means an organised systems of relationships but in reality no community is perfectly organised. Community Organisation is a process by which a systematic attempt is made to improve relationships in a community. Identifying the problems, finding out resources for solving community problems, developing social relationships and necessary programmes to realize the objectives of the community are all involved in community organisation. In this way the community can become self reliant and develop a co-operative attitude among its members.

 I Social Welfare Administration is a process through which social work services both I private and public, are organised and administered. Developing programmes, mobilising resources, involving selection and recruitment of personnel, proper I organisation, coordination, providing skillful and sympathetic leadership, guidance I i and supervision of the staff, dealing with financing and budgeting of the progmmmes i and evaluation are, some of the functions of a social worker in administration.

 Social work research is a systematic investigation for finding out new facts, test old hypotheses, verify existing theories and discover causal relationships of the problems in which the social worker is interested. In order to scientifically initiate any kind of social work programmes, a systematic study of the given situation is necessary, through social work research and surveys.

 Social action aims at bringing about desirable changes to ensure social progress. Crating awareness about social problems, mobilizing resources, encouraging diff&nt ‘ sections of people to raise their voice against undesirable practices, and also creating pressure to bring about legislation are some of the activities of the social workers using the method of social action. It seeks to achieve a proper balance between community needs and solutions mainly through individual and group initiatives and self-help activities.